Weight Loss Challenge – Day 209 | I’m just so tired

Last week was a pretty pitiful week in terms of my workouts. If I were to count my workouts, it was a total of 3 times I made it to the gym, but of those 3 times, I managed to hit the hot tub and only the hot tub all 3 times. Yeah, zero workouts last week. I’m going to chalk it up to being the first week back after the Microsoft Ignite conference, but I don’t know if that’s all it was.

Anyway, it was weigh in day yesterday, let’s get to it.

Weight Loss this week: 3.8 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 47.2 lbs


That’s a little better. I gained some weight while I was gone, but after last week, I think I should be able to get back to where I left off in about a week or so. That being said, I don’t know if I can legitimately make the 170lbs mark by the end of this extra 30 days I gave myself, since that would have been, well… tomorrow. I think I need to add another 30 days to my challenge so I can get there. No biggie. Yes, I failed, but I didn’t fail by completely giving up. I failed because I dropped the ball for a week and that set me back about 2 weeks. That’s the 4 lbs I now needs. No worries though.

I started this week off, ok. I did a really short workout, but I actually worked out, which is 100% better than last week and it’s only Monday. My calorie intake is on track so I don’t need to worry about that one. Granted, last week I ate quite well also, but I suppose that’s why I lost 3.8 lbs of the nearly 5 lbs I gained while gone.

The most difficult struggle I’m having is my energy levels. I got very little sleep while I was away and I think that is still haunting me. I have zero energy to workout. I’m just lucky I’m back to my diet otherwise, fat city here I come again.

I don’t mean to be negative, I’ve got a lot to be satisfied about and a lot to look forward to. I’m on track to get to 170 lbs very soon, so I may not need the additional 30 days. Let’s see how soon I can get there.

Have a great week everybody.


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 209 | I’m just so tired

  1. Lol! Now those are my kind or workouts! 🙂
    Good for you got hanging in there. I am convinced there was s full moon or something last week making it a struggle. You still lost weight though! Great job!

    • Yeah, i was just so tired at work that working out was the last thing i wanted to do. I’m feeling a bit of that this week but I’m forcing myself to at least do something more. We’ll just see what this week brings. I just need something to motivate me past this funk is all.

      • Honestly I have no clue how you workout in the evenings. I have tried and I just can’t. So difficult! Maybe try a preworkout to give you a push. Have you ever tried one? I like Gaspari’s SuperPump. It gets you moving but doesn’t make you jittery. I only needed half a scoop though.

      • Back in the day used creatine but that was only when knew I’d be working out hard enough to allow my body to fully use it. That’s my fear or dislike with the pre and post stuff, i don’t have enough time to workout long enough to warrant it. Also, I’m quite lazy and i don’t really want to research it enough to actually decide what I’d go with. That’s the more likely reason think.

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