Weight Loss Challenge – Day 224 | At least it’s not Monday

Yesterday and today have been much better days than I’ve had in a couple weeks. I actually worked out yesterday and today. That’s such progress. I didn’t entirely want to, but I pushed through it.

I did re-entry workouts. Monday was arms and today was legs and abs. Each day I ended with a short 10 minute row. It feels so good to actually accomplish something, even if it’s just so little.

My eating has even been pretty good. Though the eating hasn’t been the worst of my problems over the last couple weeks.

Tomorrow is my work from home day, so I need to decide if I’m going to go to the gym in the evening like I had been or do I just workout around the house (meaning do I just work on my diorama for my action figures). I should do the workout.

Good luck everybody. The day is almost over, but it’s not too late to make a dent in one of your goals. Keep on Keepin’ on.


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