Weight Loss Challenge – Day 226 | How do you choose?

The last couple times I’ve been at the gym I’ve been asked to spot some dude at the bench press. I always wish I could ask why they chose me as opposed to all the other people around. What was it about me that made you think I was the right person to trust your life with (assuming the weight you’re lifting is heavy enough even to kill you should it fall on your head).

Obviously I far too socially uncomfortable to ask, but I’d love to know, when you choose a spotter, what’s your criteria? Obviously if you know the person that’s different, so let’s change the question up. What’s your criteria when you ask a total stranger to spot you while you lift?

Honestly, I never lift so much weight that I’d feel compelled to need a spotter. That’s totally because of my social awkwardness, as well as I’m not really looking to lift that much weight. Not sure why. So I don’t know what my criteria is. I figure these guys chose me, because I too was using a bench press, and I just finished my set so I was probably available, and also, I was closest.

What would be awesome is if these guys chose me because they thought, “well, if I’m gonna be in danger, that’s the guy I need saving my life. He looks like he could lift a car off my chest if I needed him to. He also doesn’t look like he’s going to want to talk to me after I finish so double win.”

So, I hand this off to all of you. What’s your criteria?


3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge – Day 226 | How do you choose?

  1. Lol!!! You are so funny. I am the same as you, if I can’t lift it on my own I just don’t lift it.
    But my husband says my criteria needs to be female lol.

    • You’re too kind. If only everyone thought I was so funny (like my wife ha ha). Yeah, I think my criteria will be, You must be Sylvester Stalone, Arnold Schwarzeneger, Jason Statham, or Chuck Norris, otherwise, I will just risk it on my own. Ha ha.

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