Weight Loss Challenge – Day 227 | Quite the Milestone

It’s been over a year since I hurt my foot (Plantar Faciitis) and I’ve not run or jogged since. Today, after I did my leg workout, I decided I’d go for a job. Yup, that’s right, I decided to go against everything the doctors and everyone else smarter than me has said about treating PF and I went for a job. On the running/walking track no less at the gym.

Here’s what went down. I jogged, very slowly.

You were expecting more? Ha ha… Ok. So I initially planned on doing 2 laps which would be 2/10 of a mile. For those of you Math reducers out there, that’s 1/5 of a mile or .2 miles. I wound up going way over my goal and jogged a whopping… wait for it… 5 laps. That to me, is so huge. I’ve not run a half a mile, like I said earlier in over a year.

Now you’re asking, “Ok, so how badly did it hurt?” Not too bad. Actually, it didn’t hurt at all. Though I’m pretty sure it will hurt tomorrow morning when I wake up. I did notice a slight discomfort in the outside of my heel, but just discomfort. I tried my best to use a normal stride, not one that is compensating for something (get your mind out of the gutter freaks).

I did not run all that hard/fast. I ran at a steady 10 min per mile pace. Pretty slow, but not something I’d likely be able to do walking either.

Overall, I’m really happy with what I did today. I’ll be even happier if I don’t have pain in the morning too. What’s in store for the future is unclear. I don’t plan on jogging regularly, though I might throw a short jog into my workout once per week, if it feels right. We’ll just see. I do not want to jump back into this too soon.

Finally, I’ve made a decision on this Weight Loss Challenge deal. I’m done with it. Well, I will be on Sunday. I’m not really working towards those last 5 lbs I thought I wanted to drop. I’ve been sitting at 175ish the last couple weeks and I’m happy with that right now. On Sunday will be my last Weight Loss Challenge post and on Monday I will begin my new challenge. I’ll lay out the goals and rules and all sorts of other fun stuff then. Until then, keep it real yo.

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