Day 3 Workout

It20150610_195434 was close, but I got this post published before midnight, so it’s still day 3. Today’s workout got moved to about 9:00pm because of my 3 year olds 4 year olds birthday party. What a crazy ball of insanity that was. Five preschoolers and a whole bunch of older brothers and sisters in our little house. I was in charge of keeping the older kids occupied, and out of the way. (I did an ok job). I only mention all of this because, A. It’s my daughters birthday and why wouldn’t I? and B. Because I wound up with just under 20,000 steps today because of it. Not too bad considering I don’t usually crack 10,000 anymore.

On to the good stuff. Here’s my workout for today. I’ll just say, this workout was intense. Really intense. On paper, it doesn’t seem as intense, but trust me, it was. I’ll explain at the end.

  • Cardio From Hell – Duration 41:17
    • Rowing
      • 2521 meters @ 10 minutes
    • Jogging
      • 0.25 miles
    • Elliptical
      • 1.34 miles @ 10 minutes
    • Jogging
      • 0.25 miles
    • Rowing
      • 2362 meters @ 10 minutes
  • Ab Wheel
    • 12
    • 12
    • 6
  • Stretch
  • Perfect Pushup (It’s a piece of equipment, I’m not a complete A-Hole 😉
    • 17
    • 12
    • 9

As promised, I need to explain the Cardio From Hell section. I decided before I got to the gym that I needed to have a really intense workout, since I wasn’t going to be doing any real weight lifting (Wednesdays are going to be one of my OFF days from lifting, but I still needed to do something days). This workout is basically a no rest workout. Balls to the walls, go go go. So, starting with a short row, I tried to keep my strokes per minute at or above 34 for the entire 10 minutes. Needless to say, that wasn’t accomplished. Immediately after finishing (and wiping the machine), I jogged a quarter mile, then quickly it’s down the stairs to the water fountain for a quick sip. Then on to the elliptical. No, I didn’t run to the machine, but I thought about it. Same thing with the elliptical. Tried to keep the pace up as fast as I could for the entire 10 minutes. This one I had a little more success with. Quick sip at the fountain and another quarter mile jog and back to the rower for my final 10 minutes.

My hope with this workout is to baseline this one and by the end of this challenge, I want to compare my results from the first time to the last to see if I am in better shape or not. This is why I have a Duration of 41 minutes 17 seconds. That’s how long it took from start to finish of that particular workout. I didn’t time the quarter mile jogs, so I don’t know how much actual time I spent drinking water or moving from workout to workout, but I think that’s fine.

For now, I’m calling this the Cardio From Hell workout because I can’t think of anything better, and because it was not fun. Not fun at all. During the jogs, I had horrible side aches like you wouldn’t believe. I’m glad for that though. That’s why this challenge is called the MainPain ChallengeI’m working to maintain the weight loss I achieved in the Weight Loss Challenge, and now the No Pain No Gain body transformation goals I have.

My final thought of the day is this. Of all the stuff I did today in20150610_220956 my workout. By far, the worst and most unpleasant had to be the Ab Wheel. That thing is horrible. Namely because I am not very strong, and I hate not being good at something. This gives me motivation though. By the end of this challenge, I’ll be loving this thing (or I’ll have stopped using it).


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