Day 5 Workout

It’s the end of the week!! I’ve made it, and I managed to workout everyday of the week as planned. If I had to summarize this week in one word, I’d go with Sore. Very Sore if I was given two words. I think every muscle in my body is sore today. After the workout below, I think my sorest muscles are those in my abs. Yeah, I don’t think I’ve used those muscles very much, and this week has proven that, as you can see by how many sets I was able to accomplish on the Ab Wheel (I hate that thing, and love it, if it’s gonna give me results.

I knew I wanted this challenge to be uncomfortable. Painful really. Not pain like I’m hurting or injuring myself, but painful enough to know I’m really working. I’m hoping with the routines I’m putting together I can keep this up without over doing it. Saturday is my day off, though it’s not really. I’ve got a landscaping project so I’ll be working out, just not formally. If and when I finish that, I may post some pictures.

I still need to post my measurements and my before pics. I’ve taken them, just need to get them uploaded and whatnot.

Today’s workout is pretty close to my Day 2 Workout, though I added the ab wheel (barely). The cool part about this is I’m already increasing my weight. Granted, my baseline weights were filled with some pretty tentative “can I really do this weight” sets so it’s not like I’ve had huge gains in terms of weight, but gains in confidence should count for something right?

My workout is below, take a look and, I don’t know, be mesmerized by the bullet organization or font or something.

Question: What do you use to track your weight lifting? Do you use an app on your phone, clipboard and paper, your brain and you actually remember all this stuff, or you don’t track any of it and I’m stupid for thinking someone would want to?

  • Leg Extension
    • 12 @ 90 lbs
    • 12 @ 105 lbs
    • 10 @ 125 lbs
  • Leg Curl
    • 12 @ 80 lbs
    • 12 @ 100 lbs
    • 8 @ 120 lbs
  • Leg Press
    • 12 @ 140 lbs
    • 12 @ 200 lbs
    • 12 @ 240 lbs
  • Total Abdominal Machine
    • 12 @ 80 lbs
    • 12 @ 110 lbs
    • 10 @ 130 lbs
  • Back Extensions
    • 12 @ Base
    • 12 @ 10 lbs
    • 12 @ 10 lbs
  • Gluteus Extension
    • 12 @ Base
    • 12 @ 10 lbs
    • 12 @ 10 lbs
  • Calf Dip
    • 12 @ Both
    • 12 @ Individual
    • 12 @ Individual
  • Ab Wheel
    • 10

Hey, you made it to the bottom of my post, congrats, you just earned a gold star.


One thought on “Day 5 Workout

  1. I do agree confidence is key, to training! You’re not stupid for wanting to keep track or at least i hope not because i do too. Its good to see your strength gains. What i use is a little book/journal thing. I usually write my workout the day before and then goto the gym and do it. I like to have a path in the gym so i know what i’m gonna do.

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