Day 8 Workout

To the Prick that walked off with my dress socks while I was working out. I hope you enjoy your new stolen socks you jerk! πŸ™‚

Everyday I workout at my gym, I lock my locker and leave a little bit of one or both of my socks hanging out at the bottom of the locker. This way I can remember easily with locker is mine. All the lockers have a digital lock on them and they all look the same. There are probably around 100-150 lockers. I’ve done this for quite some time now with no incidents until today. I get back from my workout and whalaa! No dress socks! SERIOUSLY?!

I’m doing my best to give the benefit of the doubt to whomever it was that was responsible, but it’s quite hard to think of a legitimate reason the socks would disappear. I could see them laying on the floor nearby, in the garbage, up on top, or in the lost and found. Gone, though? No. My theory is someone, we’ll call him “Jerk Face” got to his locker, realized he forgot his workout socks and decided he didn’t want to get his work socks all sweaty, so he saw mine hanging there and took the opportunity. I totally missed the benefit of the doubt boat on that one, but it’s pretty annoying to have no socks the rest of the day.

Alright, that’s out of the way. Let’s get into that workout. Today was an Arms day and it went really well.Β The weekend, however, was not so productive. I was supposed to do a small landscaping project, but it rained all Saturday, which meant Sunday was out as well (I don’t know why, but I just didn’t do it Sunday). I did manage to get a lot of steps in so I was still quite active, but I ate a lot of junky food too. So, cancelled that activity out and probably then some. Anyway, here’s the workout.

  • Curl Bar (Sitting)
    • 12 @ 45 lbs
    • 12 @ 65 lbs
    • 4 @ 75 lbs
  • Curl Bar (Standing)
    • 12 @ 45 lbs
    • 9 @ 65 lbs
    • 10 @ 65 lbs
  • Triceps (Dumbell)
    • 12 @ 35 lbs
    • 12 @ 45 lbs
    • 9 @ 50 lbs
  • Bench Press
    • 12 @ 115 lbs (35’s)
    • 12 @ 135 lbs (45’s)
    • 6 @ 135 lbs (45’s)
  • Incline Press
    • 12 @ 65 (10’s)
    • 10 @ 95 (25’s)
    • 6 @ 95 (25’s)
  • Rotator (Crossover Cables)
    • 12 @ 10 lbs (Left)
    • 12 @ 10 lbs (Right)
    • 12 @ 12.5 lbs (Left)
    • 12 @ 12.5 lbs (Right)
  • Decline Press
    • 12 @ 95 lbs (25’s)
    • 12 @ 115 lbs (35’s)
    • 6 @ 135 lbs (45’s)
  • Lat Pull Down
    • 12 @ 100 lbs
    • 12 @ 110 lbs
    • 7 @ 120 lbs

7 thoughts on “Day 8 Workout

  1. That’s SO WEIRD! Who the hell steals dress socks? I mean even if you need them for work that’s pretty low. Jerk Face is a great name. Great workout! (on a happy note) πŸ™‚

    • I’m still annoyed. I’m just lucky my feet don’t sweat that much when I do an upper body workout like that so I could wear my workout socks. Nothing says computer nerd than wearing a grey suit with stark white socks and black shoes. I’m embarrassed to leave my desk.

      Yes, that is a good name, and can be said accidentally around your kids without feeling too bad, aside from answering the confused looks of, “did Dad just say that really lame name? Out loud?”

      • You would if you saw them. They don’t technically match and one has a home in the heel.

        I’d judge me, or at least tease me if I saw me walking down the street. πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome on the workout. If you check out my Twitter you will see I had a piece of berry cobbler with whipped cream: my junk food for the day. Though I might still have a calorie deficit since I push mowed for an hour and ran up for the hilly parts. Sorry to hear about your socks. That sucks. You can look at it this way… Maybe the guy thought you had really great taste in socks. Or maybe he really, really needed them. Teehee πŸ™‚

    • Ha ha… Yeah, I’ll have to try thinking that he thought I had mad sock style. πŸ™‚ Berry Cobbler sounds nice, I wish you could send it to me via the comments. Since you can’t, I’ll pop over to Twitter and take a look. Have a great night.

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