MainPain Challenge – Day 9 | Measurements

I finally got my hands on a flexible measuring tape thanks to my awesome next door neighbor. I got all the important measurements for both flexed and un-flexed, then when I originally started this posted, I found out my Evernote didn’t save, so I thought I’d lost all that information. Turns out, I had put my flexed measurements into my FitBit account. Whoo Hoo! I don’t have the un-flexed measurements, but in the end, those don’t really matter to me too much for this challenge.

I took all my measurements myself, so there’s a good possibility I did some wrong. I checked and re-checked several times, so I don’t think they’re all that inaccurate, but we’ll see I guess.

Here it is folks. My starting baseline body measurements.

  • Neck – 15″
  • Bicep – 14″
  • Forearm – 11.7″
  • Chest – 41.5″
  • Waist – 38.3″
  • Hips – 40.5″
  • Thigh – 24.3″
  • Calf – 16″

There it is everyone. That is what I’m starting with. I don’t have any goals set regarding these measurements. I’m not sure if 1/4″ would be realistic or not or too simple for a 100 day challenge so for now, my goal is that most of these numbers simply will increase (except for the waist).

Do you do regular body measurements? How do you keep track of the results? Do you have goals related to your body measurements?


12 thoughts on “MainPain Challenge – Day 9 | Measurements

  1. If I fit nicely in my clothing that’s a plus. I won’t buy bigger clothing. If things get snug it’s time to tweak bad habits. Mostly for me, keeping my body as strong as I can. Working around some injuries can be annoying be use I’m not one to sit idle. I’d like to do another push up challenge with my son but the elbow ligaments say not yet! Your goals are realistic. You can do this!!! 🙂

    • I’ve never measured my body before so it was enlightening to say the least. I used to do the fit test with my clothes, until I just started buying bigger clothes. So how does a pushup challenge work? Just see who can do more pushups or is it different than that?

      • My son and I decided to do match for match…well he is bigger than me and way stronger (22 year old kid that doesn’t sit still like me). So he had to do double what I did. We did this while streaming video games online for the fans to see. LOL….yes, we are nerds. But nerds for the WIN, am I right? Okay so every time he died or did something wrong we had to drop down and do a set. (guy push-ups only) hahahaha… so he had to do a total of 600! Yeah that meant I had done 300! He was so proud of his mom that the next day when he went to track practice at his university he told all his team mates what his mom had done! LOL. But you can make up the rule in this push-up challenge anyway you’d like. Heck you can challenge me! 🙂

      • 300 push-ups?! Really!? I get tired after about 10. Are you sure you know what push-ups are? 😉 j/k. Was this over a matter of a week or something or is that all in one session of push-ups? If it’s the whole week I’d consider a challenge, but otherwise, the rational side of me is telling me not to get into something where my handicap is so high, for every 300 push-ups you do, I’d just have to do 1. Actually, that sounds pretty good. 😉

      • It wasn’t all at once…we were gaming. It was about 2 hours. We did them in sets. It was way easier than I thought with a couple minutes break in between I had to stop at 300 because I was annoyed having to get up so much! LOL Though if I am on the computer I will get up every 15-20 minutes to do squats or counter top pushups or jump or run in place. Sitting for long periods of time is not good for me. I sit on a yoga ball! Great for the back too. 🙂

      • Sweet! I posted my first 50 push-ups on my blog. I’m excited to see where we’re all at by the end of the 20 days. I just need to make sure I keep up the energy I have right now. My arms are already tired. 😉

      • Hahahaha. You’ve got this. Be careful doing a ton at one time but if it’s throughout the day it could really add up! Well done Matt!

      • Yeah, I’m doing around 25 each time. It’s easier for me to do some throughout the day when I work from home, at the office, that’ll probably freak my co-workers out if I drop and do 25 between the cubes.

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