Day 19 Workout


I was nearly half-way done with my workout today and on my last set of Leg Press lifts, I tweaked my back. Well, the pain is bad enough that I can legitimately say I threw my back out. So upset about it because I knew better than to try 280 lbs again. I think the issue, however, was how far down I adjusted the seat. Essentially I dropped it down a notch so I could get a bigger range of motion. The hard part is that puts a lot more stress on the lower back on the initial start of the lift, which is when the back “Popped.” Dumb, just absolutely dumb. I thought I had it in the bag and I got too confident.

So that’s going to push me back a bit on the ‘ol challenge I guess. I pretty much had to stop lifting and walked the track a couple laps and then tried doing some stretches, but the pain started getting to be too much so I had to go get some ice and meds.

Here’s what I did manage to get done in my workout.

Legs/Abs/Back (Supposed to be anyway)

  • Push Ups
    • 20
    • 20
    • 15
  • Leg Extension*
    • 12 @ 100 lbs
    • 8 @ 140 lbs
    • 8 @ 200 lbs
  • Leg Curl
    • 8 @ 100 lbs
    • 8 @ 120 lbs
    • 8 @ 140 lbs
  • Push Ups
    • 25
    • 25
  • Leg Press
    • 8 @ 180 lbs
    • 8 @ 240 lbs
    • 0 @ 280 lbs (Hurt Back)
  • Total Abdominal Machine **CANCELLED**
  • Back Extensions **CANCELLED**
  • Gluteus Extension **CANCELLED**
  • Ab Wheel **CANCELLED**
  • Push Ups **CANCELLED**
  • Calf Dip **CANCELLED**
  • Push Ups **CANCELLED**

3 thoughts on “Day 19 Workout

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