MainPain Challenge – Day 23 | Recovering

On Friday I posted in my Day 19 Workout that I had hurt my back doing the leg press. Well, I hurt it pretty bad. Friday wasn’t the worst of the pain, that was reserved for Saturday. I was basically stuck in bed the entire day. I had to have my mother-in-law come watch the kids on Saturday while my wife was at work. Then on Sunday I had to have the neighbor watch the baby while my wife worked. What a great neighbor and mother-in-law I have.

Monday I was able to work from home and I didn’t need any of my prescription drugs during the day (though they would have been helpful). I took one Flexeril last night to help me sleep through the pain and today I’m back at it in the office.

I feel my recovery is progressing quite nicely, considering Saturday morning I couldn’t stand, at all. Now I’m able to bend down and (with much pain) put my socks on. I can stand up without enormous amounts of pain, so that’s pretty awesome in my book. I’d like to think the exercising and strengthening I’ve been doing for my back has helped the pace of my recovery. I fully expect by the end of the week I should be pain free, or at least as pain free as I usually am, which is usually just a dull pain all the time in my back.

Lesson learned, take it easy on the Leg Press. I may eliminate that machine from my workouts, at least for a while once I can get back into the gym. I’m hoping Thursday I can do a light upper body workout.

The worst part about the weekend was I ate, a lot. I didn’t track anything I ate and I know I ate more than I should have. Not only am I a stress eater, but apparently I’m a pain eater. Good to know I guess. Today I’m back on the dietary tracking and all is going fairly well with it. Let’s hope for more rapid recovery.


One thought on “MainPain Challenge – Day 23 | Recovering

  1. So sorry you hurt your back! Glad the progress is coming along though. The good news about the fact that you ate a lot is that you body is now wanting more food. That means you are really working hard! Great job!

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