Day 40 Workout

I finally made it to the gym, and actually worked out. Wednesday I checked into the gym, got dressed, went out onto the floor, walked around the track a few times and then said “Meh” and left. Today, I actually worked out. I worked up a sweat even. By no means am I 100%. Everything is still quite stiff.

My chiropractor, who by the way, works with quite a few local athletes, recommended I get back in the gym and start getting my muscles moving which should help with both strengthening and loosening my muscles. I did find I felt a slight twinge in my back when I’d bend over, so that got my anxiety up, but nothing bad happened. It felt so nice getting back in there and feeling my muscles firm up during my couple of lifts I did. Yeah, I didn’t do much, I lowered my weight considerably, but it was still a huge success.

I have a pressing need to get back into the swing of things with this challenge. Yes, I’m coming up on day 50 soon, but also, I’ve promised my wife I will start (and complete) a landscape project in the backyard. I’m hoping to do it the weekend of the 25th of July, so, I need to be back up to near 100% in order to do that sort of work. Luckily, there isn’t any big rocks that need to be moved and we’re doing mulch instead of landscape rock, but still, pulling the sod up and installing the landscape edging are pretty hard jobs. I know better than to think I can sit around doing nothing after this injury and then just one day pick up a shovel and start digging without causing more damage. So, I’m giving myself a week.

Here’s how the “workout” went today. I put that in quotes because it wasn’t much of a workout as it was a tentative review of where my body is at.

  • Bicep Curl (Cable) – Together
    • 12 @ 25 lbs
    • 8 @ 30 lbs
    • 8 @ 35 lbs
  • Triceps (Cable) – Together
    • 12 @ 25 lbs
    • 8 @ 30 lbs
    • 8 @ 35 lbs
  • Bench Press
    • 12 @ 65 lbs (10’s)
    • 8 @ 95 lbs (25’s)
    • 8 @ 115 lbs (35’s)
  • Elliptical
    • 1.5 miles @ 15 minutes

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