MainPain Challenge – Day 59 | In Your Face!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about my challenge that wasn’t just a workout post. The reality is, I’ve not been as dedicated to this challenge as I had been prior to injuring my back. Now that my back seems better, I have been getting back into my workout routine, though still not as intense as before because I now have a dreaded summer cold.

I had the pleasure of having an old co-worker approach me while I was walking into the gym and tell me she’s been following my posts through my LinkedIn and that she has been able to tell a real difference. Wow! I forgot I created the link to my LinkedIn account so having someone I actually know in person reading my blog really opened my eyes. It got me thinking about my commitment to this challenge, or lack thereof, and how I really need to kick it up a notch, or probably two.

I appreciated the kind words, and I appreciate the accountability she provided me as even more. I had a great workout after our quick chat, and tonight, I plan on going into the gym for an evening workout which I’ve typically been cancelling lately.

I really do appreciate everyone’s support. This encounter really was a reality check, an in your face moment, telling me, people care, and that’s pretty powerful stuff.


One thought on “MainPain Challenge – Day 59 | In Your Face!

  1. Ugh, hurting your back is just the worst. Glad you are doing better and that’s so cool that you met a reader at your gym! It really does help to keep you on track when you know people are watching you lol! I see this post was 2 days ago so hopefully you have been to the gym both days since. šŸ˜‰
    Have a great weekend!

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