Toy Review: Marvel Legends | Baron Zemo

Today’s review is the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Captain America The Winter Soldier Soldiers of A.I.M. – Baron Zemo. I don’t know anything about the character, but the figure is really cool. Technically, I didn’t need to get him to complete my Mandroid Build-a-Figure as I could have just gone with the A.I.M. Soldier, but this figure really looked cool so I had to get him.


Figures in the Series

Figure Details

Articulation – ★★★

This figure has a ton of points of articulation and they are almost all really useful. This figure would have gotten 5 stars had it not been for the skirt thing which impedes some of his articulation a little, but not much.

Total POA’s = 34

  • Arms – There are a whopping 8 joints per arm.
    • Shoulders: Ball Joint and a Pin/Hinge Joint which allows Zemo to raise his arms up above his shoulder a little which is really nice.
    • Bicep: Peg Joint allows 360 degree rotation and fits nicely with the sculpt.
    • Elbow: Double Pin/Hinge joint which allows for a good bend, but the glove does hinder the articulation a bit.
    • Forearm: I wasn’t sure at first, but there is a Peg Joint at the top of the glove. Mine are very very tight, but they do move so be careful.
    • Wrist: Peg Joint and a Pin/Hinge Joint. These are pretty standard, nothing too interesting.
  • Legs – There are 7 joints in each leg/hip/ankle area.
    • Hips: T-Joint Ball Joint provides good forward and backward kick. Really good outward motion as well.
    • Thigh: Peg Joint which is a standard cut joint.
    • Knees: Double Pin/Hinge joints in the knees allows for nearly an entire bend in the knee.
    • Shin: There is a Peg Joint at the top of the boot, which is very well hidden.
    • Ankles: Each ankle has 2 joints. Pin/Hinge Joint that allow for good backward motion but the forward motion is borderline bad, but still better than some other figures. There is also a good ankle rocker.
  • Body – There are 2 torso joints on this figure.
    • Torso: Pin/Hinge Joint provides a really nice ab crunch as well as backward motion.
    • Waist: Peg Joint with full motion and is covered pretty well by the belt.
  • Head: There is a Ball Joint as well as a Pin/Hinge disc joint in the neck. There is a really awesome range of motion backward and forward. Side-to-side is great as well but pretty much no tilt.

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Mold – ★★★★★

I think the sculpt of this figure, which I believe is using much of the Bucky Cap sculpt is really well done. The pieces that are new to this figure really make this guy look so good. The head sculpt alone is very well done. The black lines on his face are sculpted, though they continue onto his chest as just painted lines. I’m totally ok with this as it’s really subtle.

Overall, I really just can’t find anything I don’t like about the sculpt of this figure. I don’t even mind the reused gloves and boots. I think they look great with this figure.

Paint – ★★★★

The paint design and application was pretty well done. There isn’t a whole lot of paint, but where they did paint, it was done pretty well. Again, the face and some of the accessory paints are very well done. I like the buckles they did which are painted silver and really look good. Very clean.

Accessories – ★★★★☆

We get two weapons with Baron Von Zemo noted below.

  • Sword
  • Pistol

Both of these accessories are pretty darn cool, but the paint could have been a little better on both. It’s pretty much without any shading or anything, though the pistol is a little better with a somewhat odd camouflage handle. The sword is nicely sculpted, though the hilt is a bit too large, but still cool.

Packaging – ★★★★☆

Standard Marvel Legends Infinite Series packaging which is great.

Overall Rating – ★★★★☆

Overall, he should be closer to 5 of 5 stars, but the paint did bring it down just a tad. This is certainly a must have figure. If you’re collecting villains especially he is a must. To me, he looks much cooler than the original Toy Biz Zemo as well.

Do you have any of these figures? If so, do you have a review to share? Please share in the comments or link to your review.


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