Get On Board, Back This Awesome Kickstarter Project

I cannot explain the amount of excitement I’ve been feeling over this Kickstarter I’ve backed. It’s my first time backing a Kickstarter project and it is such a cool one I had to share with my 3 readers (Me, My Mom, and SPAM bots).

What is it you ask? It’s a project to bring a series of 1:12 scale fully articulated Ninja Action Figures to life. WHAT!!! That’s right, you read that right! I’m pretty excited too!

Check out the Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series – Ninja Action Figures by Fwoosh LLC for more details.


Oh, you were making fun of me… oh… ok. But it’s so cool. Just take a look. I get nothing out of having someone else back this project aside from getting closer to being able to actually get the figures I’m wanting.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, a project is put online with a goal dollar amount to fund the project. In this case, the project is looking to get $160,000 by October 7th 2015. If the project meets or exceeds that goal, then the project will proceed as planned and your debit/credit card will be charge for the amount you submitted as your pledge. If they fall short, you pay nothing and the project does not proceed.

The benefit I get from you or anyone else backing is that we all get closer to actually getting the awesome action figures they are proposing to make. At this point, there are about 22 days left and they’ve already raised $71,000. If you’re at all interested in collectible action figures, these really look to be a super cool and unique set of action figures to add to your collection.

**These figures aren’t likely ideal for kids and heavy play as they are custom hand painted as far as I can see so be aware of that before ordering for little Timmy or Susie as they may not be too happy with them as play toys**


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