Comic Review: Daredevil | Vol. 2 (1998-2011)

Daredevil, Vol. 1Trade Paperbacks in this Series

My Series Rating: ★★★

This was such a great series. The first 8 issues that Kevin Smith wrote were superb. There was a slight drop to the story for me when Kevin left, but the story still kept up enough to keep me interested. By the time we got to the Shadowland event, I was so hooked on this series I never wanted it to end.

The series really took a dark turn in the Shadlowland event which was a fun twist from the typical Daredevil stories I’m used to. Not that Daredevil is this happy go lucky story in the first place, but it just struck me as to the sheer darkness of the story line. As you can see, this series made it pretty deep with a total of about 133 issues. The art is a delight and the writing by both Kevin Smith and Brian Michael Bendis is superb for the majority of the series.

I highly recommend this series to anybody who loves Daredevil and especially to those who are on the fence. There’s good character development and a great plot with some sub plots mixed in as well. You’re also going to get exposed to a lot of other superheros in the Marvel universe such as Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Misty Knight, White Tiger, etc. If you’re thinking of buying all the issues in this series you’re gonna drop some cash, namely on the first 8-10 issues, so the trade paperbacks listed above might be the better bet to get you going.


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