Toy Review: Marvel Legends | Blizzard

Today’s review is the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Hulkbuster Series Blizzard. Initially I thought this was going to be one of my favorite figures in this wave, but now I’m not entirely sure. Let’s take a closer look.


Figures in the Series

Figure Details

  • Character: Blizzard
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • Series: Hulkbuster
  • Dimensions: 6.25
  • Recommended: Ages 4+
  • MSRP: $19.95 Paid: $12.23
  • Part Number/SKU: 630509310913
  • Buy it on Amazon

Articulation – ★★★

Blizzard reuses the Bucky Cap mold so the articulation is really good.

Total POA’s = 32

  • Arms – There are 7 joints per arm.
    • Shoulders: Ball Joint as well as a Pin/Hinge Joint which allows for a wide range of motion. There is very little getting in the way of the articulation of the shoulders.
    • Bicep: Peg Joint which is nicely molded to follow the natural bicep look.
    • Elbow: Double Pin/Hinge joints provide a good amount of bend well beyond 90 degrees.
    • Wrist: Peg Joint as well as a Pin/Hinge joint. Both operate very well and were nice and tight.
  • Legs – There are 7 joints in each leg/hip/ankle area.
    • Hips: T-Jointed Ball Joint provides great forward and backward motion. You’ll also find Blizzard can nearly do the splits, though the range of motion does stop before a full split is accomplished which I like should the joint ever become loose you won’t have to worry about him not being able to stand.
    • Thigh: Peg Joint with a standard cut joint. This is a well concealed joint and there are no major paint issues with the joint being utilized.
    • Knees: Double Pin/Hinge joints in the knees which provide awesome bend capabilities.
    • Shin: Peg Joint with a standard cut joint just below the knee. This is a functional joint, but many don’t feel a joint here is anatomically correct or necessary. I’d lean that way as well, at least, if you have the Thigh and/or ankle pivot which this figure has both.
    • Ankles: Each ankle has 2 joints. Pin/Hinge Joints that allow for excellent backward motion and decent forward motion. The ankle rocker is perfectly executed as well.
  • Body – There are two joints in the body/torso
    • .Torso – Pin/Hinge joint provides a really good ab crunch though the backward motion is pretty well non-existent, but also not needed too much with this figure.
    • Waist – Standard Peg Joint provides a good waist swivel. This is a cut joint and there is no hiding the joint when you twist the waist so know that it’ll look a little off when you do so.
  • Head: A single Ball Joint and a Pin/Hinge disc that provides great up and down, side to side, though the tilt is nearly nothing because of the head sculpt. Not a big deal though.

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Mold – ★★★★☆

I really like the Bucky Cap mold and this figure seems to be a good fit for this mold. I do think a little bit of extra could have helped this figure be more than just a fodder figure. Perhaps some molded pliable plastic to match some of the comic versions of this character might have been nice to make this more than just a Bucky Cap repaint.

In the end, there aren’t any major issues with the sculpt, just a lack of creativity.

Paint – ★★

Unlike many others, I really like the paint on this figure, though there are problems. The biggest issue is simply a lack of creativity in the figure. I really like the metallic blues used. They even did a good job with most of the white, though there are places in which it was a little sloppy. I knocked a couple stars off just because I felt the figure lacks a creative edge in the paint, and since it’s simply a repaint, I would have hoped for a little more from Hasbro.

Accessories – ☆☆☆☆

Blizzard comes with zero accessories. Zero, really? Come on Hasbro, how lazy do you have to be. The fact that this character is completely random for this series, you then choose to give us zero accessories. How about you use some of your flame accessories you’ve provided us with a bunch of your other figures and simply make it into an ice blast. One or two of those would have actually made this figure relevant. Instead, we get nothing. For that, you lose all your stars.

Packaging – ★★★★☆

Standard Marvel Legends Infinite Series packaging which is great.

Overall Rating – ★★★☆☆

Overall, this figure is a bit of a disappointment. He looks good enough on the shelf, and is unique enough that he doesn’t blend into all the other figures I have at least. I like the paint colors, but there’s just a lack of passion in this figure. No accessories killed it for me really, also the fact that Blizzard really doesn’t fit in well with the rest of the figures in this series. It just didn’t make that much sense. And to think, I thought this was going to be one of my favorite figures. Oh well.

Do you have any of these figures? If so, do you have a review to share? Please share in the comments or link to your review.


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