Comic Review: Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1
Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 by Frank Miller

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A continuation of the epic Dark Knight and Dark Knight Returns series by Frank Miller, this series is nothing, if not widely hyped. Don’t get me wrong, I was just as excited as everybody else about the thought of the return of Frank Miller to his mighty Batman story, I simply have found myself, a little underwhelmed in this first issue.

Without giving anything away, I’ll simply give you my impression of the writing and art of this single first issue, steering clear of any major plot giveaways.

I found myself a bit lost through the first half of the issue. I had a hard time figuring out if I’d missed or forgotten something about The Dark Knight Returns or not. There’s some of the old style infused in this newer version, what with the text messaging back and forth in the standard abbreviated fare. This is fully inline with the original versions dialect chosen to portray the goons. Both of which annoy me to no end. I cannot stand when writers literally write accents into their dialogue. I much prefer a simple footnote of some sort indicating the accent. I may be the only one who hates when poor grammar are written into stories, but I just cannot get over it.

After finding out where I was in the story half way through, I discovered an inserted story of Captain Atom, which I wasn’t sure if I should read that first, then continue on with the DKIII story line or save that for the end. I chose to save it for the end, glad I did. It wouldn’t have ruined anything, but I think it’s best to read it after you’ve completed the DKIII story first.

The artwork was good. Not great, but also not horrible. There were times that I had hoped the art would support the story a little more so I could follow what was going on a little more, but alas, there were times the art was just as confusing.

It wasn’t all bad. There’s a great twist at the end that is totally worth the wait. A single page made the whole story make sense and made the story pretty darn good. I still don’t feel the price tag of $5.99 is worth it. This is especially evident considering Frank Miller is said to have very little actual involvement overall in the book. It feels like an overly obvious ploy by DC Comics to capitalize on a legendary name to sell some books. Hats of to them for succeeding. I bought it hook line and sinker, though I don’t know I’ll be collecting the entire series unless the overall writing keeps getting better.

This may not be a must have for your collection unless you’re a huge Batman fan, or you’re hoping the book will increase in value. It has a good chance of actually doing so, though there are probably around 30-50 variant covers for this series already so it may not be worth nearly as much as you’d hope.

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