Toy Review: Marvel Legends | Iron Fist

Today’s review is the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Odin All Father Iron Fist. A lot of people really like this figure. He’s got really great articulation and the sculpt is quite nice. I’m not very familiar with the white costume, however. I was still quite excited to add Iron Fist to my collection. Let’s take a closer look.


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Figure Details

  • Character: Iron Fist
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • Series: Odin All Father
  • Dimensions: 6
  • Recommended: Ages 4+
  • MSRP: $19.95 Paid: $12.28
  • Part Number/SKU: 630509273942
  • Buy it on Amazon

Articulation – ★★★★★

This figure is fun to pose. As you can see below, he’s got a lot of articulation, and pretty much all of it is useful. Let’s take a look.

Total POA’s = 34

  • Arms – There are 8 joints per arm.
    • Shoulders: Ball Joint, Pin/Hinge Joint, as well as a Butterfly Joint, all of which together create an amazing amount of flexibility that many of the other Marvel Legends figures just don’t have. The butterfly joint is a little limited in the forward motion, but backward motion is really good. The arms will move up above the shoulders very nicely.
    • Bicep: Peg Joint which is nicely molded to follow the natural bicep look.
    • Elbow: Double Pin/Hinge joints provide more than 90 degree bend. The bicep sculpt is bulky enough to prevent a full bend, but not a big issue.
    • Wrist: Peg Joint as well as a Pin/Hinge joint. Both operate very well and were nice and tight.
  • Legs – There are 7 joints in each leg/hip/ankle area.
    • Hips: Y-Jointed Ball Joint which is often difficult to manipulate on some figures, but is well executed on this figure. Great forward and backward motion. Iron Fist can pretty much do the splits as well, which is something I’d expect out of a martial arts expert like Iron Fist.
    • Thigh: Peg Joint that conforms relatively well to the shape of the leg. No issues with this joint in motion or look.
    • Knees: Double Pin/Hinge joints in the knees allows for a really good bend in the knee. You won’t get a complete bend, but it’s quite close.
    • Ankles: Each ankle has 2 joints. Pin/Hinge Joints that allow for amazing backward and forward motion. The ankle rocker is also very well done.
  • Body – There are 2 joints in the body area.
    • Torso: Pin/Hinge provides a good ab crunch and an even better back arch.
    • Waist: Peg Joint provides un-hindered waist swivel.
  • Head: A single Ball Joint and a Pin/Hinge disc that provides great up and down, side to side, but very limited tilt.

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Mold – ★★★★★

I believe much of the sculpt of Iron Fist is recycled parts from the Spider Man figures, which was a good choice to make him look sleek and provide good articulation.

He looks like Iron Fist in the comics (minus the white costume). There’s lots of texture details sculpted into this figure which is great. All the joints are well hidden and look very natural. The sculptors did an especially good job with the cowl, as well as the sash/belt. Those portions of the sculpt work really set him apart and make him look like Danny Rand’s Iron Fist.

There is a potential issue with the sculpted ribbon off the back of the cowl/bandanna. I imagine, if you’re not careful, that could easily snap off so be careful when posing the head.

If I could have just one change, I would ask for a little more details in the sculpt of the feet. There’s pretty much nothing interesting going on there. Not a huge issue, but a wrinkle or something would have been great.

Paint – ★★★★

I’m really satisfied with the paint application Hasbro did on Iron Fist. As noted, I’m not familiar with this costume, but it looks really nice. I really do like the hint of blue that shows through the white in areas. It really gives the figure a custom look almost.

There are some issues with some of the paint around the joints. It gets a little thin in which you can see the darker gold plastic underneath. My understanding is that White is a difficult color to paint successfully with, so casting the pieces in white plastic is the ideal choice. There were some pieces they just couldn’t do this with, such as the shin/lower leg. I’m not too concerned with these paint issues though.

The face and mask paint are very well done. The lines are very clean. a little bit of a black wash to give some shading would have been good on the head, but not a terrible omission.

Accessories – ★★★★★

Iron fist comes with a total of 5 sets of hands. There’s pretty much any combination of hand you could need, which is a huge plus. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure you could swap out some of the hands with other figures in your collection if you needed to. That was one of the reasons I wanted to get Iron Fist. The paint is nice on these extra hands, though I will say that some of them seem a bit oversized. Not by much, but they can look a little silly at the wrong angle. Not enough for me to remove a star, however.

Packaging – ★★★★☆

Standard Marvel Legends Infinite Series packaging which is great.

Overall Rating – ★★★★★

The average rating of Iron Fist puts him at 5 of 5 stars, which is a reasonable rating for this figure in my book. The articulation alone is a huge reason to snatch this figure up. The extra hands puts him over the top. This is a must have for your collection. I’m considering buying another one and attempting a custom green version. We’ll see if I decide to do it or not.

Do you have any of these figures? If so, do you have a review to share? Please share in the comments or link to your review.


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