New Page Added! Check it Out!

I’ve added a new page to my blog. Those familiar with my site are aware of my infatuation with action figures. Well… I’ve taken it to the next level of nerdiness/geekdom. I am now taking pictures of my action figures and posting them on a Facebook page I am a member of.

I’d invite all to take a look at my new gallery page. I’d love feedback on what I’ve done so far. Yes, I am a grown man, married, with three kids taking pictures of my action figures. There’s no sugar coating it. Ha ha ha. I just love it, it’s so much fun. I hope everyone enjoys. If you don’t, what is wrong with you? Ha ha ha!

Check It Out

Here’s a quick example of whats going to be in there.

B-Side | Posted on 01-18-2016

Joker Selfie B-Side | Posted on 01-18-2016

2 thoughts on “New Page Added! Check it Out!

    • Thanks. I’ve been playing around with the action figure photography for a little while. My camera is garbage, my lighting is non-existent, and I’m only just now starting to have a decent diorama to use as a background, but holy cow this is so much fun. I’ts a little out there as far as hobbies go, but I don’t tend to like doing what everyone else is doing. Thanks for checking it out. Have a great day.

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