Toy Review: Marvel Legends | Bulldozer

Today’s (I realize it’s Wednesday today, whoops! Lost track of time) review is the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Ant-Man Ultron Prime series Bulldozer. I was so stoked to find this guy at my local Target. I had been hearing the hype about how this one was going to fly off the shelves. Well, fast forward to now and there’s one still at my Target warming the peg and I’ve seen him going for less than retail from time-to-time on Amazon. Live and learn, at least I didn’t buy him for more than retail. I’m still super happy to have him.


Figures in the Series

Figure Details

Articulation – ★★★★

The articulation is actually pretty good. There are a few issues about the articulation on this figure, but as you can see he’s a fun figure to pose for pictures, even if my poses aren’t all that great. Let’s take a closer look.

Total POA’s = 30

  • Arms – There are 5 joints per arm.
    • Shoulders: Ball Joint as well as a Pin/Hinge Joint allows the arms to raise so they are about straight out which is nice. (note that the harness he wears does not hinder this articulation)
    • Bicep: Peg Joint which works very well and is nicely sculpted to conform to the shoulder.
    • Elbow: Single Pin/Hinge joint that gives the elbow almost 90 degrees of bend. It’s not too bad, but could have been better with a double pin/hinge instead.
    • Wrist: Peg Joint just above the wrist bangles. This works, but having the ability to curl the wrists would have been nice.
  • Legs – There are 8 joints in each leg/hip/ankle area.
    • Hips: Y-Jointed Ball Joint with a Pin/Hinge joint provides a decent enough forward kick, but the backwards motion is pretty limited and looks really weird. He is able to do the splits pretty well. It’s not a full split, but good enough.
    • Thigh: Peg Joint with a standard cut joint. This joint is certainly needed due to the weird Y-Joint hips, but there is a loss of continuity in the sculpt when you use this and it can be a considerably ugly look.
    • Knees: Double Pin/Hinge joints in the knees will give you the ability to bend the knees almost entirely. This is awesome!
    • Ankles: Each ankle has 2 joints. Pin/Hinge Joints that allow for decent backward motion and pretty decent forward motion. The ankle rocker is different than I’ve seen before. It’s sort of a Pin/Hinge joint that doesn’t really provide for much articulation. I wish they would have figured out a way to do the ankle rocker the way they’ve been doing for most of their figures.
    • Foot: There is a Pin/Hinge toe hinge joint which is ok, but not really all that useful.
  • Body – There are 2 joints in the body.
    • Torso: A Pin/Hinge joint gives the figure a really good ab crunch and even better back arch. You will notice a fairly large gap when you arch him back so just be aware of that. There is also a fair amount of space in the actual hinge area, enough that you can easily see light through the joint.
    • Waist: Peg Joint provides unhindered swivel of the waist, though the belt does make it a bit harder to rotate, it can still rotate and the belt covers the joint nicely.
  • Head: A single Ball Joint and a Pin/Hinge disc that works really well. For a figure with a helmet on, the articulation of it is superb. There are a lot of figures that you’d think would have better articulation and they don’t come close to the Bulldozer head articulation. Well done Hasbro!

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Mold – ★★★★☆

This figure is probably the coolest out of this wave (it’s hard for me to be truly objective since I don’t have very many of them yet). The first thing you’re going to notice is just how heavy he is. The next is that he’s truly a tall figure. I’m glad they didn’t waste our time by making him a build-a-figure and just gave us Bulldozer as an individual figure.

I already noted the issue with the odd Y-Jointed hips and the cut joint in the thighs. Yes, this can look a little weird depending on how you’re posing him. I’m not a big fan of the ankle sculpt. There’s a big gap that just looks weird. Those are huge issues, but what I really don’t like are the sculpt of the hands. I don’t know exactly why, but they don’t look right. Perhaps they’re just too big for the figure. Either way, it’s not a big deal, but just not my favorite part of the figure.

What is my favorite? I’m glad you asked. I love the helmet and the chest piece, as well as the ankle and wrist bangles and the belt. The sculpt work on these pieces is amazing. The sculpted battle marks is amazing. They really did a great job with those pieces. The rest of the sculpt of the figure has some really nice details as well, though the paint job really lacked there in making that sculpt detail stand out, which I’ll touch on further.


Paint – ★★★☆


The lowest point of the figure is the paint. They did a phenomenal job with the helmet, face and other metal pieces. Hasbro lost it on the rest of the figure. The orange is a good tone of orange, but there’s pretty much no shading. There’s so much detail in the sculpt and they just squandered it by not painting it. It feels like the figure is half done.

Accessories – ★★★☆☆

Bulldozer comes with no accessories and I really feel he should have. I would have liked either an alternate head with either a different helmet or an unmasked head. Alternate hands would have been nice too, though the articulation would have had to change for this to happen, so my preference would be the alternate head.

Packaging – ★★★★☆

Standard Marvel Legends Infinite Series packaging which is great.

Overall Rating – ★★★★☆

I really love this figure. He just looks cool and he’s fun to pose. Those are some really important aspects of an action figure. There may be some shortfalls, but not enough to warrant a lot of criticism. Go get this figure. He’s been a lot cheaper lately.

Do you have any of these figures? If so, do you have a review to share? Please share in the comments or link to your review.


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