Weight Loss Ultimatum – Day 3 |Smooth Sailing?

I forgot to write a day two post. Whoops! Oh well. Let’s get right into how Days 1 and 2 went.

I gotta say, the first two days went really well. I’m hungry most of the time, but I don’t feel starved, just hungry and that I think is fine. Tells me my body is going to just have to work on getting used to getting less food on a daily basis.

Day 1 I got off to a great start, I ate right and I had a great workout at the gym. I did 20 minutes on the rowing machine after I did about 10-15 minutes of stretching. It felt great.

Day 2, though it was a great day for eating (I ended the day on target for calories) I didn’t get to go to the gym. I had a funeral to go to for a friend of the family, so I’m not going to count the missed workout against me. I ate great, so kudos to me. đŸ™‚

Today is Friday and that means for those of you Catholics and other denominations that observe Lent, no meat today. No problem, except we desperately need to go grocery shopping. So, today I will be eating yogurt for breakfast and for lunch. Not ideal, but it’ll work. I’ve also stopped buying granola and just crumble up a granola bar into my yogurt. It ensures I keep the portion the right size and I don’t have to worry about bringing a container home, because that’s such a difficult thing to do (insert sarcasm).

Alrighty, so I’m off to a good start. Day 3 seems to be the harder day for me, at least in the past it has, so hopefully we can breeze through this day quickly and with little issue.

Lastly, I’d love to hear about your fitness challenges. What are you working on today? Are you just getting started like me? Are you just getting started AGAIN like me? Have you been on your challenge for a while now? Are you reading this and eating a bag of chips and drinking a Coke (can I have some? Kidding, or maybe not, I’m still quite hungry). I’d love to hear from you. That’s what makes this whole thing bearable. Have a great day.


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Ultimatum – Day 3 |Smooth Sailing?

  1. Similar boat. Just been working on portion control and eating right. I’m already down 10 pounds in 1 month so I feel pretty good. It might not be coming off as fast as I would like but I haven’t been going to the gym as frequently as I should either. I have been trying the It Works! products and I’ve got to say I think that is helping too.

    • Hey man! Great to hear from you. Well done on the 10lbs down. I’m gonna go take a look at your blog to see how things are going. I bet you’re getting excited for the upcoming nuptuals in July. Keep in touch man and keep it up.

  2. In support of family and friends I decided to go on this no “this and that” kick for a month. So no sugar (besides whats in real foods such as an apple), no grains, no dairy, no gluten, no legumes/no peanut butter. What’s great about this is a person can see if there are any foods that trigger an allergy or just make one not feel good, whether it be swollen joints, achy feeling, tummy pain, etc. The easiest way to accomplish this is by preparing all my foods. When I say easy, it’s not always easy. But to get around needing a quick meal, I always make more food and leftovers is the key! I don’t eat anything that comes in a package/box/container. They put sugar in everything! I don’t count calories and I eat whenever I want to. I am not going for weight loss necessarily as much as I am going for overall feeling better. I haven’t weighed, however I’ve notices more muscle definition. I’ve heard other peoples feelings on this and most have lost weight and feel a lot better. When you come off this “diet”, what you do is just add one thing at a time to see how you feel. For me, I find I have a ton more energy. So it will be interesting to see what foods I had been eating that was making me so tired all the time. I do miss cream in my coffee, so I can’t wait to have that. As for sugar, I don’t miss it a ton. Of course I enjoy an occasional cookie or something like that. Mostly I miss dairy. I miss raw milk and raw yogurts and whey that I get from making yogurt. You might find if you do a “diet” like this, you might see weight fall off because something you “normally” eat is keeping weight on. Be careful with restricting too many calories as your body may feel it’s going into starvation mode. Sometimes it’s cutting out certain foods that will be the key to shedding weight without going hungry. Read packages. Added sugars are snuck in everything, even soups! Making small changes day by day will add up to a lifestyle that you are used to doing and will become second nature. Good luck to you!

    • That’s pretty intense! I’m too addicted to food (translated: bad food). In the end, that’s my problem is I think I’m addicted to eating. There are lots of underlying issues causing my food addiction. It’s not really the food. There are a slew of other issues that I’m trying to address. Some of it is stress, I eat when i’m stressed. That is my outlet. There are other things too that cause me to overeat and eat bad stuff. I’m working on it. When I lose weight I always feel better and I always wind up eating much healthier (still not eating great compared to many, but it’s better for me). Good luck with what you’re doing. I’m sure you’re gonna do great and you’ll probably find some interesting foods that may have been causing you issues.

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