Weight Loss Ultimatum – Day 9 |And I Almost Gave Up

Day 9 and the real trials are starting now. I soooo wanted to break down and trash the diet for lunch. It didn’t help that I didn’t really prepare a balanced meal for lunch. Even by my standards, I should have had at a minimum 100 more calories in my lunch today. I’m pretty stocked though. I went to get myself a “snack” and came out with these.


For 1.58 oz you get 100 calories. Awesome! There’s protein, a little bit of salt, but not too much. This is exactly what I needed. There’s a problem. They taste horrible!

A horrible tasting snack means, I’m not hungry at all after eating these. That’s exactly what I needed. Go Edamame things (Just call them what they are, soy beans).


3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Ultimatum – Day 9 |And I Almost Gave Up

    • I think they are quite bad. Not inedible, but just a very bland mouth drying flavor. I’ve certainly eaten worse, but I had a hard time eating the entire packet so that says a lot, at least for my taste.

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