Weight Loss Ultimatum – Day 13 | Weigh In

It’s day 13 and my second weigh in of this Weight Loss Ultimatum challenge. I should back up a bit, first and talk about how I did over the weekend.

Not very good! Yeah, I didn’t follow any of my plans for the weekend. I ate way too much, way too often. Anyway, I had a great weekend even with the poor eating.

Obviously this must have negatively affected my weigh in, but still I managed to have a successful week. It could have been better I bet, but I’m satisfied with what I got. Let’s get on with it and see.

Starting Weight = 210.0 lbs

Current Weight = 207.8 lbs

Weight Loss This Week = 2.2 lbs

Total Overall Weight Loss = 3.6 lbs

Hey, that’s not too bad. Just over 2 lbs in a week is very satisfying. Let’s make this week just as successful.

Have a great week everyone!


5 thoughts on “Weight Loss Ultimatum – Day 13 | Weigh In

  1. Congrats on your weight loss. Have you thought of just trying to live healthy by eating intelligently and exercising regularly. I think if you do will will not need to be worrying about weight loss, just being healthy. I took off 50 pounds in 52 weeks. I think you will find it healthier and more permanent to limit your weight loss to a pound or so a week. Good luck!

    • Easier said than done. I’ve gone long periods of time eating healthy, but, when I let life take over and I forget my discipline, then I get back to a point where I need to lose some weight. I lost my discipline this last time because I tried to take my weight loss too far by adding a muscle building challenge right after I lost the weight. I got hurt and fell back into bad habits. Live and learn. No worries. Eating a healthy diet would not have prevented me from gaining weight, because I was eating a health diet for well over 180 days consecutively. Yes, I gained weight because I stopped eating right, but the bigger question, the question all overweight people have to answer and keep answering, is why did I stop eating right? For some of us, it’s simply because we like bad food. For many others, it because of something completely and totally unrelated to food. Food is simply the tool used to cope with whatever we’re dealing with, be it depression, stress, boredom, etc. I appreciate the note and I appreciate the support. I wish it were as simple as just eating healthy for me, and yes, I do strive to eat healthy. I know myself quite well to know certain things that will and will not work for me. I’m good at losing weight. Keeping the weight off is harder, but not impossible. I’ve gone many years without gaining weight, but with new hurdles coming my way, sometimes I stumble and have to come up with a new method to keep my own demons in check. I anticipate this is something I will struggle with for the rest of my life, and you know, that is ok. We all have demons. That is what makes each person unique and interesting. This isn’t me making excuses, it’s me acknowledging my weaknesses. It’s me accepting the reality and showing myself that weakness does not mean hopeless. It helps me to empathize with those who struggle with something that comes very easily for me. It helps me to have compassion for folks who struggle with smoking addiction, depression, etc. We are all in this together. Thank you again for your support. We can all succeed if we support each other.

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