Weight Loss Ultimatum – Day 16 | Yup… It’s Still Minnesota!

Two days ago we had 50+ degree weather and zero snow. Fast forward to this morning and well… here you go.WP_20160324_13_56_55_Pro.jpg

I just took that picture so we’re already starting to melt away some of that snow, but I think we got nearly 12 inches of snow overnight. That closed the schools in my area and thus, allowed me to work from home today.

Working from home usually presents some interesting challenges to my eating. Today is no different. After missing breakfast because of a lack of time to run upstairs to grab something I had a good lunch that filled me up, but now I’m stricken with hunger again. I was going to grab a breakfast bar, but remembered at the last moment that we have some healthier options. Here’s what I’m choosing instead of the breakfast bar.


Not a bad alternative. Granted, it’s not going to quench my hunger nearly as much as the other stuff I wanna eat, but it’s totally better for me.

How do you  quench your afternoon snack urges?


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Ultimatum – Day 16 | Yup… It’s Still Minnesota!

  1. I love flavoured water. You can find water flavour enhancers in the grocery store. They’re artificially sweetened — so no sugar, no calories, but potential chemical concerns.

    I tend to have a sweet tooth so these water flavour enhancers are like downing Kool Aid for me.

  2. I bring my lunch and snacks to work daily, and if I’m ever working from home, I try to stick to a similar routine. I like low fat cheese sticks, yogurt, fruit, nuts, etc. I also drink a good amount of water throughout the day.

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