So You’re Taking This Away From Me?

On April 8th 2016, I got the below e-mail from Microsoft.

The amount of free storage is changing.
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Important changes to OneDrive
We want to inform you about some upcoming changes to OneDrive that will affect you. In approximately 90 days, the amount of storage that comes with OneDrive will change from 15 GB to 5 GB. We are also discontinuing the 15 GB camera roll bonus. As a result of these changes, you will be over your OneDrive storage limit on July 13, 2016 (visit the Storage page to check your account). You can learn more at ourFAQ.
To ease this transition, claim a free one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal.* This subscription includes 1 TB of OneDrive storage.
Alternatively, you can purchase additional storage,** or choose to remove some files.
We realize these are big changes to a service you rely on. We want to apologize for any frustration they may cause you. We made a difficult decision, but it’s one that will let us sustainably operate OneDrive into the future.
Thank you for using OneDrive.
– The OneDrive Team

If you’re not a OneDrive user, this might not affect you directly, but you should understand what is happening here.

What is Microsoft doing?

Well, in a nutshell, they’re taking storage space they previously provided to their users free of charge away.

Can they do this?

Of course they can. It’s not your storage space. You technically owned nothing when you signed up for your OneDrive account.

I’m safe because I’m not using OneDrive, I’m using (Enter any other free storage cloud service) right?

The important thing to understand with all of these free cloud based storage services is that you don’t own anything (except your content) related to the service. You do not own the quota or storage space allocated you. You are simply allowed to use it based on the current terms written by the provider. All of these services will leave open the option to change the amount of free storage they give you.

I should just accept this and move on then?

Yes and no. When I first got this message I was really mad at Microsoft. I’ve had a Onedrive (formerly Skydrive) account for a really long time. I haven’t had the need to buy any storage space for my account because of these extras they were giving me. I have paid for storage for my other Onedrive account that my wife and I share for our family photos etc. My own personal account was sufficient at the free level.

Now, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I understand what they’re doing, to a degree, but I still believe what Microsoft is doing is really nasty. It feels much like a bait and switch scheme. Why? Well, if you are offered for free, a considerably larger amount of storage space over all the other services, you’re going to have a higher likelihood of switching to this service. Then, once you’ve committed, they take away most of what brought you over. You’re stuck with either paying up, or finding a different service.

I get any of these services could do this. I’m not a lawyer and I doubt they did anything illegal, they’ve got a lot more people working on this stuff to know better. It just seems really shady to take the storage away after you’ve been using it long enough to get yourself stuck in a corner. What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? Why?

I say this, COME ON MICROSOFT!!! You were really starting to grow on people again, all to go and do this. Shame on you! You’re taking 3 steps back again.


2 thoughts on “So You’re Taking This Away From Me?

  1. Matt, I agree with you 100%. Microsoft gave the market to Google Apps for years, now when they are finally getting people back they come up with this stupid plan.

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