Toy Review: Marvel Legends | Iron Man Mark 46

Figures in the Series

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Do you have any of these figures? If so, do you have a review to share? Please share in the comments or link to your review.

4 thoughts on “Toy Review: Marvel Legends | Iron Man Mark 46

    • Hey hey! Yeah, your boy would probably love a lot of the action figures coming out now days. They’re not too expensive too. Though I don’t recall how old he is, so they may not quite be right for him just yet as he may not stand up to the rough play from a little guy.

      Things are pretty good on our end. My 3 littles aren’t nearly as little as they once were, but we’ve been blessed to be staying healthy. I see you’ve got a new addition to the family. Congrats on the little one. Hope all are getting sleep, though I assume probably not. 🙂

      • He will be 4 Nov 1st so he is young but he LOVES The Avengers! I no doubt have many action figures in my future lol.
        Aw yes, they grow up so fast! It kills me! So glad you all are staying healthy. We were kit with a cold that I guess we caught in the hospital. Anna ended up getting it 😦 I just cried because she is so little! Ugh. 😦 Everyone is almost better though. Thanks for the congrats!
        Not much sleep but thanking God everyday for coffee. So.Much. Coffee. Lol! Pretty sure it’s my blood type at this point.
        Glad to hear you are well!

      • LOL! Yeah, I don’t doubt coffee has become a large percentage of my blood too! I hope it doesn’t cause any negative things. Maybe I’ll grow another arm or something. That’d be cool. Have a great weekend!

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