Back to Losing Weight… (smh)

Oh yes, I’m back, and I’m once again, fatter than I should be! AAAAACCCKKKK!!! Yup, I’ve lost more weight in my life than most people have solely because I keep gaining it back again. I’m still dealing with my Plantar Facsitis so I still can’t really go running still. Hockey just started last Sunday and I was feeling it like you wouldn’t believe.

Monday (10-30-2016) I got back on a kick to lower my food intake. I’m counting calories, but I’m not looking to cut my calorie intake too much below 2000 daily. I’m looking to include a lot more fruits and vegetables into my daily diet. I’m still looking to establish a goal beyond just my weight. Something more along the lines of a physical achievement. We’ll see what I come up with.

I’m thinking about just doing a weekly post to recap the week and what’s coming up.

Wish me luck everyone. Sorry, but we gotta do this again. 🙂


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