Action Figure Wish List

We all have wish lists. Those gotta have items that we just can’t find or afford right now. It’s the veritable bucket list of materialistic en devours, with considerably less respect (probably deservedly so). I figured I’d share my ever growing wish list with the masses, not because I think it will help me get my action figures faster, but it might stave off some of the addiction of buying them simply by staying busy creating and updating a list. So, here we go, in current order of want, though this of course is not a complete list, but the current top priorities.

  1. Neca Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Knockoffs Unless I can get originals for cheap)
  2. Square Enix Play Arts Kai Armored Batman Variant
  3. Marvel Legends Sentinel (Build-a-Figure)
  4. Marvel Legends Bulldozer
  5. Marvel Legends Apocalypse
  6. Square Enix Play Arts Kai Man of Steel Superman
  7. Marvel Legends Series II Dr. Doom
  8. Marvel Legends Series II Rhino
  9. Marvel Legends Daredevil
  10. Marvel Legends Series 10 Cyclops Figure – Variant X-Factor Outfit

  11. DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham Asylum: Bane vs Batman 2-Pack

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