Articulated Comic Book Art (A.C.B.A.)

I am a member of a really cool Facebook page called Articulated Comic Book Art or A.C.B.A. (private group). For more information about the group and what they do, check out their official website.

This page is solely a place where I can share the pictures I have taken and submitted to the Facebook group. I plan to start posting as often as possible, but it takes time  to plan a shot and then execute it. If you like what you see please post a comment. If you have tips or suggestions, please leave me a comment. I’m just getting started so I need all the help I can get.

I am just a member of the Facebook page, I am not one of the people who run the business side of this group. I don’t speak for them or anything. There, that’s my disclaimer.


Recent Posts

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Wave Space Knight Venom Build-a-Figure (BAF) Action Figure Toy Review

The Marvel Legends Spider-Man wave Space Knight Venom Build-a-Figure BAF Action Figure Toy Review.

Buy Space Knight Venom Wave Figures

  • Peter Parker Spider-Man –
  • Electro –

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