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Comic Review: The Walking Dead, Vol. 01: Days Gone Bye

The Walking Dead, Vol. 01: Days Gone Bye
The Walking Dead, Vol. 01: Days Gone Bye by Robert Kirkman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve been watching The Walking Dead on AMC like everyone else has been and have completely loved what they are doing with it. Naturally, I had to read the comics to see how closely they have followed the original.

I wish I had started with the comic instead of the show. Having watched the show first, I now look at the book as deviating from the story, even though, it is the reverse. There are characters I barely recognize in the book from the show. So, how do I review something that I’ve already been given a slightly different version of? I can’t give the book a fair shake on the story line because I couldn’t get over the timeline changes and character differences, so I’ll focus on more of the artwork.

I enjoyed the story, but I felt it moved a little faster than I would have liked. It seems there could have been more detail provided with the story. Don’t get me wrong, I gave this first volume 4 stars because it was still a great read, but I wanted more detail.

The artwork was somewhat of a love hate moment for me. I love the zombies. Those images are awesome (sometimes I wish it were in color), but some of the characters are hard to recognize from time to time. There aren’t enough discerning features to recognize who is being pictured. That’s probably just the TV show getting in my way. That is why I didn’t drop another star.

Overall, the book is great. Can’t wait to dive into the next one.

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