I’m BACK!! Dry Brushing Bricks Diorama Tutorial


Hey folks! I took a little time off over the Thanksgiving holiday this year. My brother passed away on Thanksgiving day, so I didn’t feel like posting YouTube videos or blog posts was something I wanted to do.

But now I’m back, and I’ve got a Diorama Tutorial just for you! I hope you enjoy.

Diorama Installation & Action Figure Setup Video


Hey folks,

I finally wrapped up post production of my latest video. I installed my Brownstone Diorama at my work and setup a large number of my action figures in front of it. Here’s the video, I hope you enjoy it. Make sure you click LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel TechChucker’s Brain Blast.

Brick Mortar Diorama Tutorial


It’s time for yet another diorama tutorial video. This time, we’re doing mortar.. brick mortar that is (as if there is any other). Check out my video below.

Black Wash Diorama Tutorial


Hey folks. Here’s a simple paint technique I’ve picked up for my diorama making. It’s a great method for priming your foam board and coupled with some nice texture and dry brushing (video coming soon) you can get some really cool paint effects for your next diorama. I hope you enjoy.