Toy Review: Marvel Select | Deadpool

It’s Toy Review Tuesday again and this week I’m reviewing my all time favorite Marvel Superhero/Anti-Hero, Deadpool, a.k.a. Wade Wilson, a.k.a. the Merc With a Mouth (sculpted by Gabriel Marquez). I love Deadpool so much, I may even love this character more than Batman, but don’t tell Batman this, he’d be devastated.


  • Character: Deadpool
  • Manufacturer: Diamond Select Toys
  • Series: Marvel Select 
  • Dimensions: 7
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs (in package)
  • Recommended: Ages 14+
  • MSRP: $24.99 | Paid: $20.99
  • Part Number/SKU: MAR101468

Articulation – ★★★★★

Of the figures I’ve reviewed thus far, Deadpool has the best articulations yet. The articulation points are awesome on this figure which is why he gets 5 stars. As noted, of all the figures I have, thus far the Deadpool figure gives me the most lifelike poses of all my figures. Let’s take a look at the points a little closer.

Total POA’s = 18

  • Arms – There are a total of 3 POA’s on Deadpools arms. A pretty standard number, but the difference here is the shoulder which I’ll provide more details on.
    • Shoulders: Ball Joint with full 360 rotation as well as outward motion. The difference with this joint from most shoulder joints is that the joint has grooves to allow the outward motion of the arms to stick in position. This is nice as the figures arms won’t get loose anytime soon and now be capable of holding a pose with the arms out.
    • Elbows: Pin/Hinge joints allow for about 55-60 degrees of limited motion. There is a joint groove to allow the elbow to remain in position but this is a little loose. Perhaps just my figure is like this, but even with the grooves, the elbows could lose their ability to hold a position with a lot of heavy play. My figure will remain on display so I don’t have to worry about it.
    • Wrist: Peg Joint allows for 360 degree twist of the wrist. Again, it could just be my figure, but his wrists are very loose, which means holding his weapons means he often times doesn’t have the strength to hold the weapon in the position I put him. I’ll have to see if I can pop the hands off and firm up these joints. I don’t recommend trying this though as I have not determined if this is doable.
  • Legs – There are 5 joints in each leg/hip area. The legs on the Deadpool figure are amazing for poses. The best being the knee joints which are actually double jointed.
    • Hips: Ball Joint with full 360 rotation with the pistols removed from their holsters. Deadpool can also rotate his legs out and in somewhat.
    • Upper Leg: Peg joint allows for full 360 rotation of the upper leg just below the hip. This joint is great for creating some very realistic poses.
    • Knees: Two sets of Pin/Hinge Joints with about 120 degree bend. These joints have grooves in each which allows for an immense number of poses of the legs that a single jointed knee just cannot provide. This joint or set of joints was the biggest surprise when I opened the package.
    • Ankle: Peg Joints that allow for a full 360 rotation of the ankle as well as a small amount of capability to tilt the foot to provide a much more sure stance.
  • Body: Peg joint allows for a very limited upper torso rotation. This is hindered greatly by Deadpool’s utility belt, but still allows for very subtle torso rotations which work well.
  • Head: Ball Joint allows for full 360 degree motion if you force his head over the knife on his shoulder carefully. There is also a limited amount of tilt capability to Deadpool’s head as well.

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Mold – ★★★★★

I love the mold work of this figure. As far as accuracy of mold to the comics, this figure gets it spot on. Everything from the muscle definition to the mask tail piece that is trademark Deadpool. The details Deadpool’s accessories is phenomenal and even the joints are well hidden so in most positions, you don’t notice any unsightly joints. I cannot say enough great things about the Deadpool mold work.

Paint – ★★★★☆

Deadpool wears red and black, there’s not a lot you can do with that, but the painters did an excellent job with the colors they were given. There’s just the right amount of shading and shadowing done to give Deadpool a realistic look. The shading provides the much needed depth and texture that the mold was looking to create in the muscles. Also, the accessories that are attached to the figure are so well painted that they look almost real. If someone were so incline to attempt to use this figure for some stop motion filming, there would be little need to modify the paint for those purposes.

Accessories – ★★★★★

Deadpool comes with a plethora of accessories. All of which are awesome. Starting with the amazing action base. This base is sized just right for the figure and has just as much mold detail and paint detail as the rest of the figure. In some respects, there may even be more detail in the base than the figure. The spend bullet casings and bullet holes are just amazing.

Deadpool also comes with 2 Katana, 2 pistols that fit in holsters on his legs, 2 Sai’s, and a machine gun. Just like in the comics, Deadpool comes fully locked and loaded and ready to go. The knives and other molded accessories that are attached are so realistic looking you’ll swear you can remove those as well and play with them, don’t though, or you’ll break your figure.

Packaging – ★★★☆☆

Deadpool comes in the standard Marvel Select blister packaging with the information card backing. I’m not a huge fan of this packaging as you must tear the plastic from the cardboard which can cause a lot of damage to the cardboard.

Overall Rating – ★★★★★

Overall, I gave Deadpool 5 of 5 stars. There are so many great things about this figure that I couldn’t take any stars away. Even with the loose wrist and elbow joints, this figure is still top notch, especially in the price point. If you’re on the fence on this figure, you must buy it. If you even just kindof like Deadpool, you need to have this figure.

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