I’m BACK!! Dry Brushing Bricks Diorama Tutorial


Hey folks! I took a little time off over the Thanksgiving holiday this year. My brother passed away on Thanksgiving day, so I didn’t feel like posting YouTube videos or blog posts was something I wanted to do.

But now I’m back, and I’ve got a Diorama Tutorial just for you! I hope you enjoy.


Enhancing Your Diorama Brick Paint Tutorial


Check out this short instructional tutorial that walks you through how to give a little realism and extra detail to your diorama brick work.

Black Wash Diorama Tutorial


Hey folks. Here’s a simple paint technique I’ve picked up for my diorama making. It’s a great method for priming your foam board and coupled with some nice texture and dry brushing (video coming soon) you can get some really cool paint effects for your next diorama. I hope you enjoy.

Custom Action Figure: Red Hulk

I’ve completed my first adventure in custom action figures. That’s right, I’ve created my first custom action figure. Well, if I’m being honest, it’s mostly just a repainted Marvel Legends action figure, but I did do a custom sculpt of the hair. I’m not going to review the toy like I would normally do with the toys I buy, but I’m going to share this as more of an art piece that I want to show off to my friends who follow my blog. It’s hopefully the first of many custom action figures to go into my collection. I hope you enjoy.

Character: Red Hulk

Base Body: Target 3-Pack Exclusive Incredible Hulk (green)

First, I should explain why I chose to create my own Red Hulk, because there are several reasons. The biggest reason is I love the Red Hulk. I almost love this Marvel character more than the Green Hulk. The story line behind him is really good and I recommend you read the comics. Another big factor for why I chose this character is because the current Marvel Legends Red Hulk figure which is a Build-A-Figure is going for $50-$100 on Ebay right now. Yeah, not gonna spend that much on the figure. I also don’t really care for the way that figure looks. I could have gotten the Marvel Select Red Hulk which is still pretty inexpensive and looks great, and I may still get him, but the articulation on the Selects is usually pretty bad. Finally, I got two of those Target 3-Packs for really cheap, which means I wound up paying about $5 for the base figure, so how could I go wrong. Even if it turned out horribly, I’m out almost nothing.

Ok, here he is, in all his glory. I hope you enjoy. He’s going to look great on my shelf.

Here’s some work in progress pictures as well so you can see a little bit of what my process was to get to this point.

This was my first ever attempt at doing a custom action figure. I think it turned out really well. Are you an action figure customizer? If so, share your own pics in the comments below.