MainPain Challenge – Day 29 | Back Pain Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about my challenge. I threw out my back on June 26th while doing the Leg Press I felt my lower back pop. That’s never, ever a good sign.

I thought I was getting better and by Friday July 3rd, I was going without my back brace. Unfortunately, Friday night nearly put me in the ER. The pain was unbearable at about 4am. I couldn’t move and it felt like someone was pushing a knife into my spine. Yeah, that’s not so good. I had some Flexiril left so my wife gave me one and luckily, that started to help. No trip to the ER. I even managed to start feeling a little better on Saturday evening.

Today, Monday my back is still feeling pain, but I feel like I have it under control. I even feel like I may be able to start working out again (lightly). I’ll probably give it one more day, just in case though. Something else super not awesome was because of the pain, I found myself eating more. I didn’t track any of the food I ate over the holiday weekend nor did I really track much what I ate during the week before the holiday. So I wound up gaining a little weight. I think I’ll reduce my calorie intake for the week back to 1,800 to try to make up for the extra eating I did. That should take care of things even if I’m not able to work out too much.

I cannot stand having wasted over a week of my challenge on this stupid back injury, but such is life. Not to mention my push up challenge got hosed as well because of it. I may start another push up challenge once I’m back to 100% though.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July if you’re in the US, if you’re not, I hope you enjoyed your weekend all the same. Later.

Push-Up Challenge – Day 9 | Results

Day 9 went great. I got a lot of push ups in near the end of the day which was really tough since Day 9 in the push up challenge was Day 18 in my MainPain Challenge and it was Arms and Chest day.

Here’s what I did yesterday for push ups.

  • 2:45pm – 50
  • 5:18pm – 25
  • 7:14pm – 10 (With a 6 Year Old on my Back)
  • 7:16pm – 10 (With a 4 Year Old on my Back)
  • 8:13pm – 20
  • 8:15pm – 20
  • 8:27pm – 25
  • 8:55pm – 30
  • 9:25pm – 30
  • 10:04pm – 30

Total Push Ups = 250

I should really count those 20 with my daughters on my back as double, but I won’t. 😉

Push-Up Challenge – Day 8 | Results

Day 8 went awesomely well. I didn’t get started with my pushups until about 2pm, but once I did, I was on fire.

Here’s how I did.

2:20pm – 60
2:40pm – 45
2:57pm – 45
6:40pm – 30
7:25pm – 25
8:35pm – 25
8:44pm – 25
9:48pm – 30

Total = 285

Push-Up Challenge – Day 7 | Results

I got back into the swing of things yesterday with the Push Up Challenge. Here’s how my day went.

  • 2:45pm – 50
  • 5:25pm – 25
  • 9:20pm – 30
  • 9:33pm – 30
  • 9:49pm – 30
  • 10:00pm – 30

That’s a total of 195 for the day. I’m hoping today I might do a few more and hit 200.

MainPain Challenge – Day 16 | Lost Momentum

This weekend was not friendly to my challenge, and/or my motivation. Without getting into much for details, we’ll just say, I didn’t eat real well, nor did I do any workouts. I did zero push ups as well which was disappointing. All that poured into my Monday as well and I didn’t do much of anything.

Now it’s Tuesday. Time to get back on the horse right? I plan on doing so, though I have yet to do any push ups so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.


I will. Don’t worry. I’ve got my workout bag ready for my lunchtime workout and I plan on doing some push ups once I get off the phone.