Toy Hunting Action Figures Episode 08


In this hunt video, I find a couple fun things, but I also go a little personal, actually a lot personal about some things going on in my family’s life right now. Life isn’t all about action figures and toy hunts and whatnot, but those things certainly make life a little brighter for some.

Toy Review: Marvel Legends | 12-Inch Spider-Man

Figure Details

  • Character: Spider-Man
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • Series: 12-Inch Marvel Legends
  • Dimensions: 11.5″
  • Recommended: Ages 4+
  • MSRP: $49.99 Paid: $29.34
  • Part Number/SKU: 630509427864
  • Buy it on Amazon

Total Points of Articulation = 36

  • Articulation – ★★★★★
  • Sculpt – ★★★★★
  • Paint – ★★★★
  • Accessories – ★★★★★

Overall Score – ★★★★

Toy Review: Marvel Legends | Pizza Spider-Man

Today’s review is the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Hobgoblin Pizza Spider-Man figure. I had this figure several months ago, but returned him to get a different one that I thought was going to be much harder to get. Fast forward a few months and now this guy has been quite hard to find. Well, I found him and this time I hung onto him. Also spent $5 less this time on him.


Figures in the Series

Figure Details

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Articulation – ★★★★★

This figure has everything you could want in a Marvel Legend figure. Some claim this figure to be the best Spider Man figure. Others still claim the McFarlane Spidey as the best. I don’t have the McFarlane one, though I think that one looks terrible. The articulation on this one is very good. Let’s take a closer look.

Total POA’s = 32

  • Arms – There are 8 joints per arm.
    • Shoulders: Ball Joint as well as a Pin/Hinge Joint as well as a Butterfly joint in the shoulder. All of these joints are very well done. They provide great range of motion throughout the shoulder joints.
    • Bicep: Peg Joint that is quite standard and works very well.
    • Elbow: Double Pin/Hinge joints provide a full bend of the elbow perfectly.
    • Wrist: Peg Joint as well as a Pin/Hinge joint in the wrists provide a very good amount of rotation as well as curl.
  • Legs – There are 6 joints in each leg/hip/ankle area.
    • Hips: T-Jointed Ball Joint provides a really good forward kick motion. Backward motion is not quite as good as I’d like, but still considerably better than most figures. I would have also expected him to be able to do the splits a little more than he can, but this isn’t the worst thing.
    • Thigh: Peg Joint is a standard cut joint which loses some continuity of the sculpt of the thigh, though this isn’t super noticeable due to the uniform paint.
    • Knees: Double Pin/Hinge joints in the knees provides a full bend of the knees which is perfectly suited for this figure.
    • Ankles: Each ankle has a Pin/Hinge Joint as well as an Ankle Rocker Joint. Both backward and forward ankle motion is quite good and the ankle rocker works very well.
  • Body – There are 2 joints in the body
    • Torso: Pin/Hinge Joint in the torso area provides a good ab crunch as well as a very good back arch.
    • Waist: Peg Joint provides full 360 degree rotation of the waist.
  • Head: A single Ball Joint as well as a Pin/Hinge Joint allows for good up and down motion. Side-to-side motion is fully functional and tilt is there, but had they used a slightly smaller ball in the head and they could have had a better range of motion.

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Mold – ★★★★☆

Hasbro really hit this one out of the park, though I’m still giving it only 4 stars. I do want to point out two thing I don’t like. I really feel the torso of this figure is a little long. For some reason, it looks wrong to me. It doesn’t look natural. Then with that issue I have, it appears when you use the ab crunch that the joint just looks worse. The other issue I have is the size of the ball joint in the head/neck. This ball is far too large, which makes the motion of the head a little limited. It’s also very difficult to put the heads on because it’s too tight.

Ok, I went over the negatives, what I like about this figure is quite extensive. My favorite is really just the overall aesthetics of the pieces coming together (minus the overly long torso). It just looks like Spidey. Obviously in terms of the sculpt, this is the most important and why I don’t like the look of the McFarlane Spidey as much.

There are enough details in the muscle tones in the figure that provides a good textured look on the figure. The costume is all smooth, which I would expect. Everything is smooth except the eyes, which are sculpted which is subtle, but still noticeable enough that it really makes a difference in the overall look.


Paint – ★★★★☆


Paint apps on this figure are good, but not the best by any means. First, there is no shading anywhere on this figure. Mostly, this is ok. The paint is glossy, which I’m still on the fence on. I’m not sure I like just how glossy it is.

The web lines on the figure are a little inconsistent. On the head they have nice lines with the web loops. Throughout the rest of the body where the webbing is, they didn’t really have the web loop style as prominently, or at all in some areas. The lines for the most part are clean, and look nice from a short distance. Up close, if you really like the web look, you’re not too amazed. Not the worst thing, but it would have been nice if they were more consistent.

As far as the rest of the paint apps, they are really solid where there is paint. Mostly, you’re going to find the paint apps on the heads. They did a nice clean job on these two heads, though a little shading in the unmasked head would have helped a lot.

Accessories – ★★★★★


The accessories we get with Pizza Spidey aren’t overwhelmingly awesome, but they are pretty cool and very useful, which isn’t always the case with accessories. We get two heads, a fully masked and partially unmasked head. Both are very well done and look really cool. I particularly like the unmasked one. It captures so many of the scenes we’ve seen of Spidey in the comics and movies.

In addition to the heads, we get a collection of 6 hands. The typical fists and web slinging hands are nice, but I really like the hands with the fingers splayed out. Those give a lot of pose options. They’re just very versatile.

Finally, we get a slice of gooey New York style pizza that Spidey can munch on. It’s a dumb accessory, but also really fun. I’ve seen a lot of folks having a ton of fun with this accessory in their photography, and I hope to as well.

Packaging – ★★★★☆

Standard Marvel Legends Infinite Series packaging which is great.

Overall Rating – ★★★★☆

Overall Pizza Spidey is a solid 4. If anybody actually read my reviews I might get some flack for not saying this thing is perfect, but nobody does, so I can say it without getting into trouble. I’m still not sure this is a must have figure. There seems to be a new Spider Man figure coming out every other wave and I really liked the Amazing Spider Man 2 figure that got me into collecting the Marvel Legends figures. But, if you don’t already have a Spider Man figure, this is a solid choice. There’s just so many other characters I’d rather have I guess. Oh well. It’s still good.

Do you have any of these figures? If so, do you have a review to share? Please share in the comments or link to your review.

Toy Review: Marvel Legends | Jack O’Lantern

Today’s review is the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Absorbing Man wave Jack O’Lantern. This is the primary figure I wanted from this wave. I love Mad Jack in the comics and was so excited to find him discounted on Amazon.


Figures in the Series

Figure Details

Articulation – ★★★☆

Overall, the figure can be posed in some really cool looking ways. It’s obvious the articulation was designed for a particular pose (in flight on the broomstick) which is ok. There are some pretty big issues with the hip joints which we’ll see. The figure is still well articulated, but this is the weakest part of the figure.

Total POA’s = 30

  • Arms – There are 6 joints per arm.
    • Shoulders: Ball Joint as well as a Pin/Hinge Joint. The shoulders have a good amount of motion out and up. The joints are ratcheted and somewhat tight which makes you feel you might break them if you’re not careful.
    • Bicep: Peg Joint which works well, but again, this joint seems a bit weak so be careful when moving the shoulder joints or you may break this joint.
    • Elbow: Double Pin/Hinge joints provides a decent amount of bend. The forearm cuff seems to impede articulation somewhat.
    • Wrist: Peg Joint at about the middle of the forearm. The wrist really needs an additional joint to allow for better posing of the wrists.
  • Legs – There are 7 joints in each leg/hip/ankle area.
    • Hips: Y-Jointed Ball Joints which are absolutely horrible as well as a Pin/Hinge joint. Good luck getting this figure to do anything but be in a flying pose on his broom stick. Luckily, that’s a pretty cool pose. These joints prevent a natural standing pose. He always looks weird.
    • Thigh: Peg Joint. If it weren’t for this joint, the figure would be nearly impossible to pose, so this joint is critical. It can be difficult to work with this joint and the Y-Jointed hips though.
    • Knees: Double Pin/Hinge joints in the knees allows for great bend in the knee.
    • Ankles: Each ankle has 2 joints. Pin/Hinge Joints. There is almost no forward motion, though backward motion is good. The ankle rocker is ok. I think the biggest issue with the ankles is the peg joint is too far forward on the foot.
  • Body – There are 2 joints in the body area.
    • Torso: Pin/Hinge joint provides pretty good forward ab crunch as well as backward back arch.
    • Waist: Peg Joint that provides good rotation and is hidden very well by the belts.
  • Head: A single Ball Joint and a Pin/Hinge disc. I’m not sure if the Pin/Hinge joint does much of anything to increase the head articulation, but it’s there. You’ve got good side-to-side motion. A little bit of upward motion and very little downward motion. There is no tilt.

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Mold – ★★★★★

I love the sculpt work of this figure. I’m not sure what, if any of this figure is new molds beyond the head sculpt, but they did a great job with the parts they used. Jack O’Lantern is a pretty scrawny character in the comics and they nailed that look with this figure. Depending on the way you pose the figure, he can either look really awesome, or really weird. Standing straight is the weirdest look, so probably steer clear of that pose.

The detail work throughout the body is amazing. Everything has some sort of sculpted details from the wrinkles in the pants and shirt, to the awesome sculpt work of the belts.

By far, the best part of this figure is the head sculpt. This thing is just phenomenal, especially for a Hasbro toy. I don’t typically get this excited about the Hasbro head sculpts. They do a decent job, but on this figure, they nailed it x 2. The only issue with this head is they could have given a little more space where the head meets the neck to help with the articulation a bit. Had they hollowed it out a bit, that would have given some more motion.

Overall, they did a superb job and I can’t think of anything that truly warrants the loss of any stars for the sculpt.

Paint – ★★★★

The paint app on this figure is just about worthy of a 5 star rating. I wanted to give it to the figure, but there are some minor issues that I wish would have been dealt with, and could have easily been. The good parts are great, however. The head was painted amazingly. The color palate used is just a delight to look at. I might have painted the inside of the mouth and eyes with a slightly darker yellow, but they at least applied the paint really clean.

The other parts of the figure are painted well where there is paint. Most of the body is black with no shading, and that is ok. Where I’d like to have seem some shading of some sort is on the belts and shoulder harness. They painted some of the buckles in silver and they look great, but there are some areas where there is detailed sculpt work, but no black wash, which just makes the figure look a little cheap. Again, I wanted to give this figure all 5 stars, and probably should, but these couple missing points of paint are strong enough detractors that I had to take that star. This is even with the slight color difference in the pumpkin bombs sculpted into the belt. I hadn’t noticed that at first and they look really good.

I could have easily given Jack a 5 here and I doubt many could argue it, but I just couldn’t do it. I wanted to be as objective as possible and I really think the 4 is deserved.

Accessories – ★★★★★

Mad Jack comes with some pretty sweet accessories. I do wish he came with an extra set of hands, but overall, I’m very satisfied with the three accessories he comes with. I’ve listed the accessories below.

  • Flame Broom Stick
  • Sickle
  • Flaming Pumpkin Bomb

The sculpt and paint of each of these accessories is really well done. The flame affects is painted very well and sculpted with translucent plastics to give a really nice flame look. The pumpkin bomb could have used a little extra paint to give it some more detail, but I’m really happy with all of these accessories. The sickle paint was really well done, though perhaps a big over sized.

Considering what we typically get, this is far and above what I would expect.

Packaging – ★★★★☆

Standard Marvel Legends Infinite Series packaging which is great. They’ve updated the look a bit, but overall the packaging is completely the same.

Overall Rating – ★★★★☆

This is one of my favorite Marvel Legends figures now. It actually doesn’t look like the typical Legend fig. It feels like it could be from a different line because it’s so different and so much better looking than most of their sort of reused figures. Whether you like Jack O’Lantern in the comics or not, if you’re a collector of 6″ figures, you really need this figure in your collection. He’s gonna look awesome flying above your spider-man collection ready to drop some pumpkin bombs.

Do you have any of these figures? If so, do you have a review to share? Please share in the comments or link to your review.

Toy Review: Marvel Legends | Kraven

Today’s review is the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Spider-Man Rhino wave Kraven. This wave seems to have several key figures that have been a little harder to find at a decent price. Kraven has gone back and forth and seems to be one of the relatively easy figures to find, but not the easiest.


Figures in the Series

Figure Details

Articulation – ★★★

Kraven has good articulation. It’s not the best I’ve seen, but good. There are no major issues with articulation being hindered by major sculpt choices so I’m quite happy about this. Let’s take a closer look.

Total POA’s = 32

  • Arms – There are 7 joints per arm.
    • Shoulders: Ball Joint as well as a Pin/Hinge Joint the seem hindered a bit, but it’s more so just the joints are too tight and difficult to move. I’ve yet to heat the figure to see if this will loosen these joints, but just beware you don’t want to force it or you may break the arms.
    • Bicep: Peg Joint which I’m not super satisfied with the mold of. There’s a bit of a large space where the bicep meets the shoulder. It just seems too large a space. The joint itself functions as expected.
    • Elbow: Double Pin/Hinge joints that provide a really good amount of bend. You’ll get Kraven’s elbow to bend nearly in half.
    • Wrist: Peg Joint as well as a Pin/Hinge joint. Both operate very well and were nice and tight.
  • Legs – There are 7 joints in each leg/hip/ankle area.
    • Hips: T-Jointed Ball Joints that we’ve seen on quite of few of the Marvel Legends figures. I like this joint as you get good forward kick, though backward is not nearly as good.
    • Thigh: Peg Joint with a standard cut joint. The upper legs are also a very commonly used piece so this joint is pretty common and works very well.
    • Knees: Double Pin/Hinge joints in the knees allows for a really good bend in the knee.
    • Shin: Peg Joint just above the boot. I’m still on the fence is this was really needed or if it actually adds any value. I find it just creates more opportunity for the figure to look weird when posed.
    • Ankles: Each ankle has 2 joints. Pin/Hinge Joints. The forward motion of the ankle is really quite bad due to the sculpt of the shins, but I’ve seen worse. Backwards motion is quite good though. The ankle rocker works very well.
  • Body – There are 2 joints in the body area.
    • Torso: Pin/Hinge joint provides pretty good forward ab crunch as well as backward back arch, even with the bulky vest and belt. I’ve heard folks take this off and can get this joint to go even a little further. I’ve not tried that yet.
    • Waist: Peg Joint that provides good rotation and is covered nicely by the belt.
  • Head: A single Ball Joint and a Pin/Hinge disc that provides great up and down, side to side, and tilt.

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Mold – ★★★★★

Yeah, that’s 5 stars. I know, I’m probably being a little generous considering how much of this figure is actually just reused from other molds. Here’s the deal, if the parts are good why recast a new mold? It keeps the price down so they can do other things. Anyway, this figure has some really nice, unique sculpt pieces that really makes Kraven stand out. Most notable are the vest, belt, knee pads and spear. All of these items are chalk full of great details that set this figure apart from a lot of the other Marvel Legends figures.

Where they went wrong is really in minor areas. I feel the torso may either be a new mold, or a resued mold that just isn’t as good as the standard Bucky Cap. It’s still good, just has a couple odd parts to it. Namely, when you bend Kraven back, the look of the joint is very ugly. There’s a large gap and it’s not shaped normally. The other major issue I have, which is entirely minor is the shin and shoe sculpt. The way it was molded prevents the ankle from moving forward much. This isn’t the worst thing in the world and I’m not even knocking it a star for it, but it needed to be mentioned.

Let’s go back to those knee pads I briefly mentioned. These things are totally sick. In some ways, they totally make the figure. Yes, the vest is a huge part of the uniqueness of Kraven, but those knee pads, never thought I’d be so excited about something like that. The detail is just so cool.

Paint – ★★★

The paint is mostly just, meh for me. It’s not horrible and there are some really good parts to it, but overall, Hasbro just did enough to make the figure acceptable for production. There was a little bit of an attempt at some shading on the vest, but mostly, it’s quite plain. Again, the highlight is the knee pads. They did a great job here and the feathers on the spear also are done really well.

Overall the paint app was cleanly done (at least on mine). The eyes aren’t derpy looking and for the most part they had clean lines when they needed them. There’s good detail, but there was so much more detail in the sculpt they could have taken advantage of that this figure just gets a 3 for effort.

Accessories – ★★★★☆

Kraven comes with a single accessory (if you don’t count the removable vest) which is a really cool looking spear. So, this spear is a really awesome piece, but also has some down sides. The sculpt is amazing on this spear. You can see the wood grain on the staff and there are sculpted cords that hold the metal spear head to the wooden staff. It’s just great. The feathers are really nicely sculpted. The problem is the paint, or lack of it. As I already noted, they did a great job on the feathers, but everything else was just not so great. First, a black wash on the staff would have brought that wood grain sculpt out. Next, the cords were not painted differently. Lastly, the spear head itself is painted ok, but they painted just above the cords wood color and I see they sculpted it to be wood, but I really think that should have been painted to be part of the metal spear head that gets inserted into the wooden staff. Yes, that’s being very picky, but I noticed it and it annoyed me.

Overall, though, this  accessory is really cool. A good customizer could fix the things I noted in no time. Me, I’ll have to settle for what Hasbro provided.

Packaging – ★★★★☆

Standard Marvel Legends Infinite Series packaging which is great.

Overall Rating – ★★★★☆

Kraven gets a solid 4 stars. Hasbro did a really nice job on this figure and I’d say it’s a must have for your collection, even if you’re not a big Kraven fan. I’m typically not a big Kraven fan, but I think this figure is really cool so I had to have him.

Do you have any of these figures? If so, do you have a review to share? Please share in the comments or link to your review.