Action Figure Hunt Marvel Legends Hail Hydra 2-Pack TRU Exclusive | Episode 26

Went on an action figure toy hunt today and came up with a couple great finds. Found the Toys R Us Marvel Legends Hydra 2-Pack exclusive and an amazing deal on the Diamond Select Muppets figures.

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Toy Hunting Action Figures Episode 08


In this hunt video, I find a couple fun things, but I also go a little personal, actually a lot personal about some things going on in my family’s life right now. Life isn’t all about action figures and toy hunts and whatnot, but those things certainly make life a little brighter for some.

Action Figure Toy Hunt Episode #02


I wasn’t planning on recording any of this trip to Toys R Us, but I managed to score a Marvel Legend I didn’t think I’d see in the wild. Check it out!

Action Figure Toy Hunt Episode #01


My first time recording one of my toy hunts was sort of a success. Didn’t go home with anything, but had some fun anyway. Toy Hunt videos are a newer trend in the Action Figure collecting world, so I thought I’d add this to my channel as well. Hope you enjoy.